100 Most Infamous Criminals: Murder, mayhem and madness

Arcturus Publishing, 2013年7月17日

An indispensable introduction to the darker side of life, revealing the often strange and grisly stories behind the world's most infamous murderers, swindlers and crooks.

100 Most Infamous Criminals is an astounding compendium of crimes and their perpetrators. The range of crimes is extraordinary, from the bizarre to horrific, and from the heart-breaking to the ridiculous.
The book tells in vivid detail the story of the history's most infamous criminals; lives they led, the crimes they committed, and the destruction and sorrow left in their wake.

• Jack the Ripper, the man who terrorized Victorian London.
• Ted Bundy, the serial killer beloved by his neighbours.
• Jeffrey Dahmer, the creator of real-life zombies.
• Al Capone, the king of gangsters.
• Harold Shipman, Britain's angel of death.



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關於作者 (2013)

Jo Durden Smith has long held a fascination with the world of crime, and what motivates the actions of the most infamous criminals in history. He has written several books on the subject including 100 Most Infamous Criminals and The Mafia.