My Left Foot

Minerva, 1991 - 184 頁
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"Christy Brown was born a victim of cerebral palsy. But his disability concealed the brilliantly imaginative and sensitive mind of a writer who would take his place among the giants of Irish literature. This is Christy Brown's own story. He recounts his childhood struggle to learn to read, write, paint and finally type, with the toe of his left foot. In this manner he wrote his bestseller Down all the Days." - from the publisher.


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用戶評語  - unclebob53703 - LibraryThing

Very good, but the movie moved me more because of Daniel Day Lewis. I was sure they'd gotten a genuinely handicapped guy to play the part until I saw him bound onstage to get his Oscar.. 閱讀評論全文

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Christy Browns's autobiography tells of his fight to prove his intelligence in the face of his struggles to communicate. A sensitively written and gentle book and easy to read because of that. 閱讀評論全文

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關於作者 (1991)

Christy Brown was born in 1932. He was one of 23 children born to a Dublin bricklayer. A victim of cerebral palsy, he could not control his speech or his movement, apart from his left foot. This enabled him to paint and type this autobiography. He later wrote an autobiographical novel, Down all the Days, which was very successful. His novels include A Promising Career, A Shadow on Summer and Wild Grow the Lillies, and he also published his poetry in Collected Poems. Christy Brown died in 1981.