Programming Windows with MFC

Microsoft Press, 1999 - 1337 頁
Expanding what’s widely considered the definitive exposition of Microsoft's powerful C++ class library for the Microsoft® Windows® API, 'Programming Windows with MFC' , Second Edition, fully updates the classic original with all-new coverage of COM, OLE, and ActiveX®. Author Jeff Prosise deftly builds your comprehension of underlying concepts and essential techniques for MFC programming with unparalleled expertise - once again delivering the consummate resource for rapid, object-oriented development on 32-bit Windows platforms. Coverage includes - Fundamentals of event-driven programming and MFC; Document/view architecture; Bitmaps, palettes, and regions; Multithreading and thread synchronization; MFC and the Component Object Model (COM); OLE Automation and OLE drag-and-drop; ActiveX controls.

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Jeff Prosise has been writing software for 17 years and authoring books, articles, and magazine columns about computers and computer programming for 14 years. His first book was PC Magazine DOS 5 Techniques and Utilities, which was published by Ziff-Davis Press in 1991; his most recent effort is Programming Windows with MFC, Second Edition, published by Microsoft Press in 1999. Jeff is also a contributing editor for MSDN Magazine, where he writes regular columns and feature articles about Microsoft .NET, COM, MFC, and Win32(r) programming; and a contributing editor for PC Magazine. Jeff cofounded Wintellect, a software consulting and education firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee. As a principal of Wintellect, Jeff travels the world teaching programming seminars and speaking at the Visual C++ Developers Conference, WinDev, WinSummit and other programming conferences. Over the years, Jeff has developed a reputation for making complex technical topics understandable.