Studying Abroad/learning Abroad: An Abridged Edition of The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning

Intercultural Press, 1997 - 147 頁
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Most people who go abroad experience a bit of culture shock, but to reap the rewards of studying and learning abroad, one must identify and face squarely the difficulties in experiential learning in a different culture.Studying Abroad/Learning Abroad is a student-friendly abridgement of J. Daniel Hess' The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning that will guide you through sorting out the dynamics of studying abroad. This books helps you dig beneath the surface of superficial actions to experience cultural learning at its deepest, most meaningful level by teaching to make note of cultural differences, body language, and interaction styles; overcome cucarachas, or elements of a host culture that are irritating or even repugnant; observe differences in time use; documents the experiences of studying abroad with a journal; and how to adapt on the return home. Hess outlines attitudes and character traits that foster effective learning, including how to deal with the dilemma of cultural relativism, and defines an action-reflection-response method for dealing with intercultural experiences.With its carefully selected excerpts from The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning, Studying Abroad/Learning Abroad provides a thorough review of culture learning and will greatly enrich any study abroad program. Contents Preface Introduction 1 Culture Learning 2 Attitudes and Character Traits that Promote Culture Learning 3 Methods in Culture Learning: The Action-Reflection-Response Strategy 4 Methods in Culture Learning: Reflection as Cultural Analysis 5 Culture Learning, Values, and Ethical Choices 6 Guides to the Culture Learning Process Bibliography and References

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\J. Daniel Hess has been a communication consultant for over twenty-five years. He consults both nonprofit and for-profit organizations in personal, organizational, and cross-cultural communication. He has directed international study units, led orientation seminars for international relief and service agencies, and wrote several books on cultural learning, including The Whole World Guide To Culture Learning. As president of J. Daniel Hess Communications Services, Inc. Hess operates from his home in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, visit his website at