The Hospital: How I survived the secret child experiments at Aston Hall

Bonnier Publishing Ltd., 2017年2月9日 - 352 頁
A shocking expose of the appalling abuse and experimentation carried out on vulnerable children at Aston Hall Hospital, Derbyshire, in the 60s and 70s.

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This is an autobiographical book about the abuse Barbara was exposed to as a child. Her mother, a gypsy, abandoned her at birth and she lived with her father, and was abused by his subsequent partners ... 閱讀評論全文



The Tinkers Daughter
The Party
The Doll
The Lost Children
The Doctor
Out of Sight Out of Mind
The Hospital
Midnight Feast
The Mouse
The Silent Rage
Fighting Back
Telling Someone
Escaping the Terror
The Approved School
Baths and Broken Glass

Human Guinea Pigs
The Queen of Farts
Tears and Toothbrushes
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
The Hospital School
The Visit
The Letter
Going Back
The Fight of My Life
True Survivor


關於作者 (2017)

Barbara O'Hare was admitted to Aston Hall psychiatric hospital when she was 12-years-old, where she was subjected to horrifying courses of 'treatment' from its head physician. Frequently injected with drugs, locked away and abused, Barbara has attempted to come to terms with her time at Aston Hall 46 years on. After creating the Facebook group 'Survivors of Aston Hall', victims have been brought together in their search for answers of how the abuse they suffered came to pass, and was kept secret for so long. Their efforts have led to a major police investigation and a meeting at the Houses of Parliament to have their story heard. Now, more than 100 people have come forward alleging abuse at Aston Hall.

This is Barbara's first book, exposing the abuse she suffered at Aston Hall.