The World Scientific Encyclopedia of Nanomedicine and Bioengineering II: Regenerative Medicine and Medical Devices: (a 4-Volume Set)Volume 1: Biodegradable Nano PolymersVolume 2: Stem Cell-Based Nano MaterialsVolume 3: Biomaterial Implants for Tissue Regeneration and EngineeringVolume 4: 3D Design and De

Donglu Shi
World Scientific, 2016年4月28日 - 1156 頁
This two-part multivolume set provides a comprehensive overview of current achievements in biomedical applications of nanotechnology, including stem cell based regenerative medicine, medical imaging, cell targeting, drug delivery, and photothermal/photodynamic cancer therapy. New approaches in early cancer diagnosis and treatment are introduced with extensive experimental results. In particular, some novel materials have been synthesized with new properties that are most effective in cancer therapy. Some of the key issues are also addressed with these recent discoveries such as bio safety and bio degradability, that are essential in the success of nano medicine.An important aspect of this book set is the introduction of nanotechnology to the medical communities that are searching for new treatments of cancer. It may also break the barriers between the physical and medical sciences so that more MDs will be able to appreciate the new discoveries and establishments in medical diagnosis and therapy that will allow the effective handling of major clinical issues.This major reference publication will be important as the field of nanomedicine has been rapidly developing with a great deal of new information. It is anticipated that the research will soon advance into the pre-clinical stage. Therefore, this reference set can serve as valuable background information for future clinical studies.