Manchuria: A Survey

R. M. McBride, 1925 - 401 頁
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第 327 頁 - Great Britain engages not to seek for her own account, or on behalf of British subjects or of others, any railway concessions to the north of the Great Wall of China, and not to obstruct, directly or indirectly, applications for railway concessions in that region supported by the Russian Government.
第 374 頁 - Reply— Peking, the 25th day of the 5th month of the 4th year of Taisho. Excellency, I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency's note of this day's date in which you...
第 365 頁 - In witness whereof, the Undersigned, duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Convention and have affixed their seals. Done at St.
第 371 頁 - East and the further strengthening of the relations of friendship, and good neighbourhood now existing between the two nations, have for that purpose named as their Plenipotentiaries, that is to say : His Excellency the President of the Republic of China, Lou Tseng-tsiang, Chung-ching, First Class Chia-ho Decoration, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
第 285 頁 - Immediately upon the exchange of the ratifications of this Act, all prisoners of war then held shall be restored, and China undertakes not to ill-treat or punish prisoners of war so restored to her by Japan. China also engages to at once release all Japanese subjects accused of being military spies or charged with any other military offences.
第 78 頁 - II. China cedes to Japan in perpetuity and full sovereignty the following territories, together with all fortifications, arsenals, and public property thereon : (a) The southern...
第 96 頁 - First, perhaps the most effective way to preserve the undisturbed enjoyment by China of all political rights in Manchuria and to promote the development of those Provinces under a practical application of the policy of the open door and equal commercial opportunity would be to bring the Manchurian highways, the railroads, under an economic, scientific, and impartial administration by some plan vesting in China the ownership of the railroads through funds furnished for that purpose by the interested...
第 285 頁 - All articles manufactured by Japanese subjects in China shall, in respect of inland transit and internal taxes, duties, charges, and exactions of all kinds, and also in respect of warehousing and storage facilities in the interior of China, stand upon the same footing and enjoy the same privileges and exemptions as merchandise imported by Japanese subjects into China...
第 372 頁 - When in future, more advantageous terms than those in existing railway loan agreements are granted to foreign financiers in connection with railway loans, the above agreement shall again be revised in accordance with Japan's wishes.
第 371 頁 - Treaty shall come into force on the date of its signature. The present Treaty shall be ratified by His Excellency the President of the Republic of China and His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, and the ratifications thereof shall be exchanged at Tokio as soon as possible.