Tiananmen Square: Massacre Crushes China's Democracy Movement

Capstone, 2009 - 96 頁
"Pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 in Beijing's mammoth Tiananmen Square led to a violent crackdown by the Chinese army that killed perhaps several hundred people and shocked the world. Hardly anyone thought the government would treat its own citizens so harshly. The suppression was followed by attempts to seize and punish people connected with the protests, especially the student organizers. Some were executed, and others were still being held almost 20 years later, as China hosted the 2008 Olympic Games."

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The Tanks Roll In
The Protests Begin 30
The Crackdown 48
The World Reacts 60
Since Tiananmen 78
Glossary 90


關於作者 (2009)

Andrew Langley was born in 1949 in Britain. He has dedicated his career to penning educational books that meet the needs of young readers. Langley's first books were primarily straightforward works designed to explain day-to-day facts; in his "Behind the Scenes" series, for example, he explores what goes on at various familiar locations, such as a hotel and police station. As his career has progressed, Langley has increasingly focused on the subject that most interests him - history. He has produced biographies of a broad range of people from history as well as historic overviews such as The Roman News, Medieval Life, Renaissance, and Ancient Egypt.