Ten Great Economists

Routledge, 1997年11月6日 - 360 頁
Originally published in 1952, this seminal work is reproduced here with a new introduction by Professor Mark Perlman, a well-known Schumpeterian scholar. The essays, written between 1910-50 were primarily commemorative pieces marking the achievement of a celebrated economist. Those covered include:* Marx* Walras* Menger* Marshall* Pareto* Bohm-Bawe

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A thoroughly delightful look at some major economists by a great maverick among 20th century economists, Schumpter. The ten featured are Marx (yeech), Walras (okay), Menger (great!), Marshall ... 閱讀評論全文


Karl Marx 18181883 3
Marie Esprit Léon Walras 18341910 74
Alfred Marshall 18421924 91
Vilfredo Pareto 18481923 110
Eugen von BöhmBawerk 18511914
Irving Fisher 18671947 222
Wesley Clair Mitchell 18741948
G F Knapp 18421926 295
Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz 18681931 302

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