Man, God, and the Universe

Quest Books, 2014年7月7日 - 491 頁

The deepest concern of every thinking individual must surely be with the three great subjects which comprise the title of the book, and with the relationships between them. The profound concepts inevitably involved in a discussion of such a theme are presented with great clarity and wisdom, and the many diagrams and charts with which the ideas are illustrated are invaluable aids to comprehension. East and West meet here in enlightened synthesis.

Chapters include such topics as Cosmic Consciousness, The Monad and the Logos, Involution and Evolution, Mathematics as the Basis of Manifestation and Reality and Consciousness. The book also includes both a glossary and index.


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The Concept of the AbsoluteI
Cosmic Consciousness and Power
The Unmanifest Cosmic Logos
The Nature of the EverUnmanifest VI The Manifest Logos
The Monad and the Logos VIII The Monad IX The Individuality Individual Uniqueness and Ray of the MonadI
The Relation of the Manifest and the UnmanifestI
Involution and Evolution
Reflections of Reflections
Mathematics as the Basis of Manifestation
Divine Principles and Functions Tattvas
The Great IllusionI
Integrated Sound
The PointI
Dimensions of Space
Time and SpaceI

Differentiation and IntegrationI

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關於作者 (2014)

Dr. I. K. Tainmi was for many years a chemistry professor at Allahabad University in India, specializing in guided research; technical journals in several countries have published his many research papers. In addition to his professional work, Dr. Tainmi is the author of a number of books, outstanding among which are The Science of Yoga and Glimpses into the Psychology of Yoga.