The Dramatic Works of John Webster, 第 2 卷

J. Smith, 1857
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第 243 頁 - Most ambitiously. Princes' images on their tombs do not lie, as they were wont, seeming to pray up to heaven ; but with their hands under their cheeks, as if they died of the toothache : they are not carved with their eyes fixed upon the stars; but as their minds were wholly bent upon the world, the selfsame way they seem to turn their faces.
第 248 頁 - Bos. Do you not weep? Other sins only speak; murder shrieks out: The element of water moistens the earth, But blood flies upwards and bedews the heavens. Ferd. Cover her face; mine eyes dazzle: she died young.
第 194 頁 - Those giddy and wild turnings in yourself. Julia. Did you e'er find them ? Card. Sooth, generally for women, A man might strive to make glass malleable, Ere he should make them fixed. Julia. So, my lord. Card. We had need go borrow that fantastic glass Invented by Galileo the Florentine To view another spacious world i' the moon, And look to find a constant woman there.
第 243 頁 - Let me see it: I have so much obedience in my blood, I wish it in their veins to do them good.
第 209 頁 - To work thy discovery ; yet am now persuaded It would beget such violent effects As would damn us both. I would not for ten millions I had beheld thee : therefore use all means I never may have knowledge of thy name ; Enjoy thy lust still, and a wretched life, On that condition. And for thee, vild woman, If thou do wish thy lecher may grow old In thy embracements, I would have thee build Such a room for him as our anchorites To holier use inhabit.
第 244 頁 - Of what is't fools make such vain keeping? Sin their conception, their birth weeping, Their life a general mist of error, Their death a hideous storm of terror. Strew your hair with powders sweet, Don clean linen, bathe your feet, And (the foul fiend more to check) A crucifix let bless your neck : 'Tis now full tide 'tween night and day ; End your groan, and come away.
第 281 頁 - Thou wretched thing of blood, How came Antonio by his death ? Bos. In a mist; I know not how: Such a mistake as I have often seen In a play.
第 238 頁 - Like to your picture in the gallery, A deal of life in show, but none in practice ; Or rather like some reverend monument Whose ruins are even pitied.
第 270 頁 - They thought it should have canopied their bones Till doomsday ; but all things have their end : Churches and cities, which have diseases like to men, Must have like death that we have.
第 140 頁 - And thou so near the bottom : false report, Which says that women vie with the nine Muses, For nine tough durable lives ! I do not look Who went before, nor who shall follow me ; No, at myself I will begin and end. While we look up to heaven, we confound Knowledge with knowledge.