The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition

Royal National Institute of the Blind, 2005 - 294 頁
A diary kept by a young girl during the Second World War recounting the suffering of the Dutch people under the German occupation. There are several versions and Otto Frank, father of the author, has selected material from these versions and edited them into a shorter version.

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LibraryThing Review

用戶評語  - carebear10712 - LibraryThing

This is a book that I think everyone should read for it's historical significance and it's insight into the life of a girl hiding from the Nazi regime. It almost should have more stars on that basis ... 閱讀評論全文

LibraryThing Review

用戶評語  - clq - LibraryThing

Of course I knew exactly what The Diary of a Young Girl was before I started reading it. I quickly realised that, even though I knew what it was, I had no idea what it would be like. In many ways it ... 閱讀評論全文

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