Modern Chinese History Essentials

Research & Education Association, 2012年4月27日 - 176 頁
The Concise, Comprehensive Guide to the Modern Chinese Nation

This new single-volume reference on the modern Chinese nation deftly chronicles the broad expanse of Chinese history surveying not only this superpower’s complex culture and politics but the numerous societal revolutions that transformed a pre-industrial nation into a superpower. Here is an informative and fascinating account that begins with Imperial China and leads into the Opium War, the Taiping Uprising, the Civil War and the Communist Victory, Mao’s Socialist Transformation, and many other political, economic and social events critical to understanding modern China. Writing about the most current information gathered from years of study and research, Dr. E. Leung offers a fresh and compelling approach to the history of today’s China.

This handy pocket guide is the essential reference for any student or enthusiast of modern China.

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