Sociolinguistic Variation and Change

Edinburgh University Press, 2002 - 197 sider

Sociolinguistic Variation and Changeis a selection of Peter Trudgill's major works since 1990, appearing here in updated and revised form. The book deals with a number of different but related topics:

  • The role of English in the world, and the nature of Standard English or Englishes
  • Language as a human issue and how sociolinguistic research might solve educational and other real-world problems
  • The problematic and interconnected relationships between nation and language and dialect, and the linguistic characteristics of the varieties concerned
  • Sociohistorical linguistics, in particular the relationship between colonial and motherland varieties of English; dialect contact and language contact; and the sociolinguistically informed dialectology of linguistic change.

The major overall unifying theme of the book is linguistic variation and, as the diachronic outcome of linguistic variation, linguistic change.

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Peter Trudgill is Honorary Professor of Sociolinguistics at the University of East Anglia, Emeritus Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, and Professor of English Linguistics at Agder University College, Norway.

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