Handbook on East Asian Social Policy

Misa Izuhara
Edward Elgar Pub. Limited, 2013 - 515 頁
Dramatic socio-economic transformations over the last two decades have brought social policy and social welfare issues to prominence in many East Asian societies. Since the 1990s and in response to national as well as global pressure, there have been substantial developments and reforms in social policy in the region but the development paths have been uneven. Until recently, comparative analysis of East Asian social policy tends to have focused on the established welfare state of Japan and the emerging welfare regimes of four 'Tiger Economies'. Much of the recent debate indeed preceded China's re-emergence onto the world economy. In this context, this Handbook brings China more fully into the contemporary social policy debates in East Asia. Organized around five themes from welfare state developments, to theories and methodologies, to current social policy issues, the Handbook presents original research from leading specialists in the fields, and provides a fresh and updated perspective to the study of social policy.

Providing a comparative international approach, this Handbook will appeal to academics, researchers and students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels working in the fields of social policy, as well as policy makers and practitioners who are interested in social policy lessons from other societies.

Contributors K. Caraher, H.M. Chan, K.W. Chan, R.K.H. Chan, Y.-f. Chang, Y.J. Choi, R. Forrest, J. Hudson, G.-J. Hwang, M. Iwata, M. Izuhara, D. Jung, P. Kennett, Y.-w. Ku, M. Lau, S. Liu, W.Y.W. Lo, T.-l. Lui, K.K. Mehta, K.H. Mok, L.L.-S. Ngan, K. Ngok, C.-u. Park, R. Ronald, N. Soma, S. Sung, S. Takegawa, A. Walker, C.-k. Wong, L. Wong, J. Yamashita

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關於作者 (2013)

Edited by Misa Izuhara, Reader in Comparative Policy Research, University of Bristol, UK