A History of Japanese religion

Seventeen distinguished experts on Japanese religion provide a fascinating overview of its history and development. Beginning with the origins of religion in primitive Japanese society, they chart the growth of each of Japan's major religious organizations and doctrinal systems. They follow Buddhism, Shintoism, Christianity, and popular religious belief through major periods of change to show how history and religion affected each-and discuss the interactions between the different religious traditions.


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A little off-putting. Six hundred and forty-eight dense pages of Japanese religious history, written by a team of specialists. The main problem is that this is a history of Japanese religion, not ... 閱讀評論全文

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If you are seeking to understand the complex history of Eastern religion this book is a godsend. In clear, concise and readable prose, it lays out the development of religion in Japan from its ... 閱讀評論全文


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Religion in the Yayoi and Kofun Periods

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Kazuo Kasahara, the editor and one of the authors of this comprehensive volume, is a former professor at the University of Tokyo and a specialist in the history of Japanese Buddhism. The remaining authors are all experts in their particular areas of Japanese reiligious studies from Taisho University, Meiji University, University of Tokyo, Kokugakuin University, Kanagawa University, Seijo University, Chuo Academic Research Institute, Hokkai Gakuen University WomenÆs Junior College, Tsukuba University, Japanese Culture Institute, Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, and Rissho University.