Playing with Fire: The Looming War with China Over Taiwan

Praeger Security International, 2006 - 266 頁
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One of the most pressing issues for China--and the world at large--is the continuing presence of an independence-minded Taiwan off China's southern coast. Recent modernization efforts within the Chinese military and tough remarks by Chinese officials have alarmed many in Washington, and caused others to question America's commitments in the region. Copper details events of recent decades to give the reader a complete picture of potential flash points concerning Taiwan. An expert who has studied the region for more than thirty years, he saw firsthand the turmoil that followed the recent Taiwanese elections. Drawing upon his interdisciplinary research on the political, economic, and military issues surrounding the U.S.-Taiwan-China triangle, he assesses the various aspects of this complex relationship and comments on what may come from "playing with fire."

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Playing with fire: the looming war with China over Taiwan

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A careful yet prolific scholar, Copper (international studies, Rhodes Coll.;The Taiwan Political Miracle ) provides detailed background covering the last several decades in relation to an increasingly ... 閱讀評論全文

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