The Cambridge History of China: Volume 8, The Ming Dynasty, Part 2, 1368-1644

Cambridge University Press, 1998年1月28日 - 1231 頁
Volumes Seven and Eight of The Cambridge History of China are devoted to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), providing the largest and most detailed account in any language. Summarizing all modern research, Volume Eight offers detailed studies of governmental structure, the fiscal and legal systems, international relations, social and economic history, transportation networks, and the history of ideas and religion. Although written by specialists, these volumes intend to explain and describe the Ming period to general readers without a specialized knowledge of Chinese history, as well as scholars and students.

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It would take a deeper dome than mine to dare to review a Cambridge history. These sets are generally regarded as the apotheosis of historical scholarship. I'm just happy to have one! 閱讀評論全文

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An excellent account of the conquest dynasties of the 10th to 14th centuries; Liao, Xi Xia, Jin, and Yuan. 閱讀評論全文

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