The history of the castle, town, and forest of Knaresborough; with Harrogate, and its medicinal waters [by E. Hargrove]. By E. Hargrove

封面 Hargrove & Sons, 1809 - 423 頁
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第 45 頁 - What does not fade ? The tower that long had stood The crush of thunder and the warring winds, Shook by the slow but sure destroyer Time, Now hangs in doubtful ruins o'er its base.
第 239 頁 - I do love these ancient ruins. We never tread upon them but we set Our foot upon some reverend history : And, questionless, here in this open court, Which now lies naked to the injuries Of stormy weather, some men + lie...
第 200 頁 - Mangled with wounds on his own earth lay dead ; Upon whose body Clifford down him sate Stabbing the corpse ; and cutting off the head, Crown'd it with paper, and to wreake his teene Presents it so to his victorious Queene.
第 379 頁 - It was usual, with much labour, to place one vast stone upon another for a religious memorial.
第 351 頁 - ... in width, and the same in depth ; and might serve for the insertion of two pedestals or props, which, it is not improbable, may formerly have supported the figure of some oracular Idol ; for these tubes, which are internally rugose, were capable of augmenting the sound of the voice, and giving its tone a degree of almost supernatural vehemence and terrible solemnity ; and by the artful management of the Druid priests might occasionally become instruments for the promulgation of oracular decrees."*...
第 248 頁 - Tho' the partial world Despised and disregarded His low and humble state, The equal eye of Providence Beheld and blessed it With a Patriarch's health and length of days ; To teach mistaken man These blessings are entailed on Temperance, A life of labour, and a mind at ease.
第 107 頁 - Dr. Bright wrote the first treatise on its virtues and uses; Dr. Dean, in 1626; Dr. Stanhope, in 1631 ; Dr. French, in 1651 ; Dr. Neale, in 1656; Dr.
第 248 頁 - And though the partial world despised and disregarded his low and humble state, the equal eye of Providence beheld and blessed it with a patriarch's health and length of days, to teach mistaken man these blessings are entailed on temperance, a life of labour, and a mind at ease.
第 247 頁 - Marmaduke Brodelay, Lord Abbot of Fountains, did frequently visit his Lord, and drink a hearty glass with him; that his Lord often sent him to inquire how the Abbot did, who always sent for him to his lodgings ; and, after ceremonies, as he called it, passed, ordered him, besides wassel, a quarter of a yard of roast-beef for his dinner (for that Monasteries did deliver their guests meat by measure), and a great black jack of strong drink.
第 297 頁 - I must confess I knew no strength but the powerful hand of God that gave them this repulse. After this they made another attempt, in which Captain Atkinson (on our part) was slain : And here again there fell out another remarkable providence, during this conflict, our magazine was blown up. This struck such a terror into the enemy, believing we had cannon, which they were before informed we had not, that they instantly retreated ; and though I had but a few horse, we pursued the enemy some miles,...