Ideology and Modern Culture: Critical Social Theory in the Era of Mass Communication

John Wiley & Sons, 2013年5月2日 - 370 頁
In this major new work, Thompson develops an original account of ideology and relates it to the analysis of culture and mass communication in modern Societies.

Thompson offers a concise and critical appraisal of major contributions to the theory of ideology, from Marx and Mannheim, to Horkheimer, Adorno and Habermas. He argues that these thinkers - and social and political theorists more generally - have failed to deal adequately with the nature of mass communication and its role in the modern world. In order to overcome this deficiency, Thompson undertakes a wide-ranging analysis of the development of mass communication, outlining a distinctive social theory of the mass media and their impact.


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The Concept of Ideology
Ideology in Modern Societies
Ideology and Social Reproduction
The Critique of the Culture Industry
The Transformation of the Public Sphere
The Concept of Culture
Cultural Transmission and Mass Communication
Towards a Social Theory of Mass Communication
The Methodology of Interpretation
Critical Theory and Modern Societies

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關於作者 (2013)

His previous books include Critical Hermeneutics: A Study in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur and Jurgen Habermas (1981) and Studies in the Theory of Ideology (Polity, 1984).