A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland: With Lists of Their Works, 第 5 卷

J. Scott, 1806
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第 352 頁 - An Account of the Preservation of King Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester, drawn up by himself.
第 319 頁 - Considerations on the Measures carrying on with respect to the British Colonies in North America (1774).
第 84 頁 - But He was of late so gone with divinity, That he had almost forgot his poetry, Though to say the truth (and Apollo did know it) He might have been both his priest and his poet.
第 143 頁 - I'm sure they always had the best; Within this week her pigeons have Eat up a peck of peas at least ; Her little pigeons kiss; but she Would never take a kiss from me.
第 160 頁 - I must acquaint you (because I know it will please you,) that during my sickness, I had many of the kindest proofs of friendship, particularly from the Duke and Duchess of Queensberry ; who, if I had been their nearest relation and nearest friend, could not have treated me with more constant attendance then: and they continue the same to me now.
第 201 頁 - My God, my Father, and my Friend, Do not forsake me at my end.
第 10 頁 - It was the misfortune of James, that his maxims and manners were too refined for the age in which he lived. Happy ! had he reigned in a kingdom more civilized; his love of peace, of justice, and of elegance, would have rendered his schemes successful ; and, instead of perishing because he had attempted too much, a grateful people would nave applauded and seconded his efforts to reform and improve them.
第 80 頁 - Falkland ; a person of such prodigious parts of learning and knowledge, of that inimitable sweetness and delight in conversation, of so flowing and obliging a humanity and goodness to mankind, and of that primitive simplicity and integrity of life, that if there were no other brand upon this odious and accursed civil war, than that single loss, it must be most infamous and execrable to all posterity.
第 222 頁 - ONLY tell her that I love: Leave the rest to her and Fate: Some kind planet from above May perhaps her pity move: Lovers on their stars must wait. — Only tell her that I love! Why, O why should I despair!
第 14 頁 - And on the smale grene twistis sat The lytil suete nyghtingale, and song So loud and clere, the ympnis consecrat Of luvis use, now soft now lowd among, That all the gardynis and the wallis rong Ryght of thaire song, and on the copill next Of thaire suete armony, and lo the text...