China and the Challenge of Economic Globalization: The Impact of WTO Membership

Hung-Gay Fung, Pei Changhong, Kevin H. Zhang
Routledge, 2017年7月28日 - 336 頁
First Published in 2017. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

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List of Tables and Figures
Chinas TradeRelated Investment Measures and Their
Economic Performance After Chinas Accession to
Opportunity or Challenge for China
Commitment and Progress in
Foreign Direct Investment Flows
Foreign Direct Investment and Income Inequality
A New World Factory and Chinas Labor Force
Chinas Employment and WTO Accession
Chinas Financial Reform in Banking and Securities Markets
How Do Chinese Firms Raise Capital? An International
The Debt Financing Gap for Small Business in China
Institutional Reform in the Chinese Banking System
An Empirical
Agricultural Policy Developments After Chinas Accession
The Impact of Chinas Accession to the WTO on Chinese

Commitments and Challenges
Rebuilding the Framework of Chinas Welfare
Recent Development of the Petroleum Industry in China
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