Public Documents of Massachusetts, 第 3-4 卷

Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1875
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第 46 頁 - We the people of Berkshire, have been frequently called upon to fight, but have never been led against the enemy. We have now resolved, if you will not let us fight, never to turn out again.
第 33 頁 - Annual Report of the Regents of the University, on the condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, and the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto.
第 45 頁 - The battle of Lexington was fought on the 19th of April, 1775...
第 33 頁 - Reports of cases .... in the supreme court and the court of errors and appeals of New Jersey.
第 63 頁 - Extract of a Letter from Prof. Bailey to JL Smith. — "Charleston is built upon a bed of animalcules several hundred feet in thickness, every cubic inch of which is filled with myriads of perfectly preserved microscopic shells. These shells, however, do not, like those beneath Richmond and Petersburg, etc., belong to the siliceous infusoria, but are all derived from those minute calcareous-shelled creatures called by Ehrenberg polythalamia. and by D'Orbigny the foraminifera. You are aware that Ehrenberg...
第 172 頁 - ... not have expected to find the scientific expression of his own idea, has a passage bearing close analogy to what he was putting forward in 1861 : It is then in the change to a higher state of form or composition that development differs from growth. We must carefully distinguish development from mere increase ; it is the acquiring, not of greater bulk, but of new forms and structures, which are adapted to higher conditions of existence.
第 189 頁 - ... actually ill, are fully capable of procreating their kind. Close interbreeding, on the other hand, often induces sterility ; and this indicates something quite distinct from the augmentation of morbid tendencies common to both parents. The evidence immediately to be given convinces me that it is a great law of nature, that all organic beings profit from an occasional cross with individuals not closely related to them in blood ; and that, on the other hand, long-continued close interbreeding is...
第 210 頁 - Mass., and presented to the College museum by Mr. BH Averell. Prof. Stockbridge, last fall, washed out a root of common clover, one year old, growing in the alluvial soil near the Connecticut River, and found that it descended perpendicularly to the depth of eight feet. Mr. Mechi, of Tiptree Hall, England, tells us that the reason clover is usually so short-lived, is the fact that the lower roots are either unable to penetrate the subsoil or to find in it the requisite supplies of food. He also states...
第 36 頁 - ... capture General Schuyler at Albany, NY Reference: Pension Office Certificate. Bailey, Gilbert Langdon. WARD, WILLIAM, Vermont. 1743-1819. Poultney, Vt. Ensign, 8th Company, 2nd Regiment, Vermont Militia. Member of Poultney Committee of Safety. Reference: American Archives, 5th ser., vol. 1, p. 658. Records of the Council of Safety and Governor and Council of Vermont, vol.
第 41 頁 - I fear," said a country curate to his flock — " when I explained to you in my last charity sermon, that Philanthropy was the love of our species, you must have understood me to say specie, which may account for the smallness of the collection. You will prove, I hope, by your present contributions, that you are no longer labouring under the same mistake.