Communism in History and Theory: Asia, Africa, and the Americas, 第 1 卷

Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002 - 238 頁

Busky examines the history of Marxist-Leninist parties and governments in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, with biographies of key figures from their beginnings to the ends of their careers. An up-to-date work, the volume incorporates the latest scholarship on the topic.

While focused mainly on the Third World, it also presents a detailed history of Marxist-Leninist parties in the United States and other developed nations such as Australia and New Zealand. Busky presents a full-length examination of the history of Maoism and the rise of the People's Republic of China to the post-Cultural Revolution China of today. In addition, Buskey examines the American wars against communist and other leftist nations and movements, from the Korean War to Vietnam and the wars of Central America. He also looks at U.S. covert action against what officials saw as communist threats in Iran, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Granada, and elsewhere. A detailed synthesis that will be of value to beginning students and researchers as well as scholars in comparative politics and history, socialism, and communism.


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Communism in Asia Australia and the Middle East
Communism in Africa
Communism in North and Central America and the Caribbean
Communism in South America

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關於作者 (2002)

DONALD F. BUSKY is Adjunct Professor of History and Political Science at Camden County College. He is the author of Democratic Socialism: A Global Survey (Praeger, 2000) and the companion volumes to the present book: From Utopian Socialism to the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union: Communism in History and Theory and The European Experience with Communism: History and Theory, both published by Praeger in 2002.