Journal of the Bath and West of England Society and Southern Counties Association - Fourth Series Vol. I, 1890-91

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第 59 頁 - A huge man was there with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot — 24 in all.
第 280 頁 - sound' means sound, and the only qualification of which it is susceptible arises from the purpose for which the warranty is given. If, for instance, a Horse is purchased to be used in a given way, the word ' sound' means that the animal is useful for that purpose : and ' unsound' means that he, at the time, is affected with something which will have the effect of impeding that use. If the disease be one easily cured, that will only go in mitigation of damages. It is, however, right to make to the...
第 105 頁 - States; that he is the head of a family or has arrived at the age twenty-one years; that he has abandoned his tribal relations and adopted the habits and pursuits of civilized life; and this must be corroborated by the affidavits of two or more disinterested witnesses. If no objection appears, the register and receiver will then permit him to enter the tract desired...
第 lxxv 頁 - An Exhibitor detected in a false statement as to the age, &c., of any bird, or in any other practice calculated to deceive or mislead the Judges or Stewards, shall forfeit all or any prizes awarded to him or her at the Show, and will be disqualified from competing at any future Show of the Society, and the Council shall have the power to inform other Societies of their action in this respect.
第 238 頁 - Close interbreeding, on the other hand, often induces sterility ; and this indicates something quite distinct from the augmentation of morbid tendencies common to both parents. The evidence immediately to be given convinces me that it is a great law of nature, that all organic beings profit from an occasional cross with individuals not closely related to them in blood ; and that, on the other hand, long-continued close interbreeding is injurious.
第 lxvii 頁 - The Society, its Officers and Servants, will not be liable for any errors or mistakes that may happen in placing or penning the Stock or Articles to be exhibited, but the Servants in charge of the same must see that they are placed or penned according to their entries.
第 xlvii 頁 - Society, including the power of making bye-laws, of settling the prizes to be awarded, of nominating the committees, fixing the places of meetings, of appointing or removing the Treasurer, Secretary, and such other officers as may be required to carry on the business of this Society, shall be vested in the Council, who shall report their proceedings at the annual meeting.
第 lv 頁 - An analysis of oil-cake or other substance used for feeding purposes, showing the proportion of moisture, oil, mineral matter, albuminous matter, and woody fibre, as well as of starch, gum, and...
第 xlvi 頁 - The Council shall consist of a president, vice-presidents, and sixty-six other members (thirty-three of whom shall retire annually by rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election), and shall be elected by the whole body of members. Eighteen members of the Council shall be chosen from persons residing or representing property in the Eastern District, eighteen from persons residing or representing property in the Western District, eighteen from persons residing or representing property in the Southern...
第 cv 頁 - A'ames thus (f) distinguished are Life Members. Members are particularly requested to make the Secretary acquainted with any errors in the names of residences.