Civil Affairs Handbook: Taiwan (Formosa), Tainan Province

Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department, 1944 - 106 頁
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第 60 頁 - II., when John Beauchamp, of Holt, was elevated to the peerage as Baron Beauchamp of Kidderminster, by Letters Patent, dated the 10th of October, 1387. Lord Beauchamp...
第 1 頁 - About thirty miles from north to south, and 45 miles from east to west, and within this region there are over 200 distinct peaks, and innumerable mountain gorges, streams and rivulets.
第 ii 頁 - Regulations, and (b) in avoiding discussion of this material within the hearing of any but commissioned officers. Combat Narratives are not to be removed from the ship or station for which they are provided. Reproduction of this material in any form is not authorized except by specific approval of the Director of Naval intelligence. Officers who have participated in the operations recounted herein are invited to forward to the Director of Naval Intelligence, via their commanding officers, accounts...