Conspiracy Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of Conspiracy Theories

Thom Burnett
Chamberlain Bros., 2005 - 320 頁
"Secret societies, assassination plots, cover-ups, and covert actions - these are the theories and shadows that influence politics, business, and even our daily lives. The truth is always out there, but what truth you believe depends on what you already know. Categorized into specific areas of interest, Conspiracy Encyclopedia is an essential guide to the many and varied theories that question the status quo and redefine the official version or events past." "Presenting the case for and against a number of well-known theories - as well as more obscure and bizarre ones - this encyclopedia is dedicated to casting a skeptical eye on not only the world around us but the conspiracies as well." "With detailed entries to help answer all the right questions, Conspiracy Encyclopedia also includes numerous alternate perspectives covering wars and state legislation, as well as biographies of the key figures of conspiracy theory."--BOOK JACKET.

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