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their quarters.

Majesty's service; and for the pay- of the reign of the late King Wilment of the said forces, and of liam, intituled, An alt for settling

the trade to Africa, for allowing foCap. 13. To enable such officers and reign copper bars imported, to be

foldiers as have been in her Ma. exported. jesty's service during the late war,

Private Alts. to exercise trades, and for officers to account with their soldiers.

Anno 12 Anna, Stat. 1. Cap. 14. For explaining the acts for I. An act for repairing the highway licensing hackney-chairs.

or road from the Stones-End in the Cap. 15. For making perpetual an parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch in

act made in the seventh year of the the county of Middlesex, to the furreign of the late King William, in- thermost part of the northern road tituled, An act to prevent false and in the parish of Endfield in the same double returns of members to serve in county, next to the parish of Cheparliament.

funt in the county of Hertford. Cap. 16. For the better encourage

2. An act for confirming several grants ment of the making fail-cloth in in fee-farm made by Henry earl of Great Britain.

Thomond, by virtue or fince the parCap. 17. To vest in the commissioners sing a former act of parliament;

for building fifty new.churches in and for giving some ease and relief and about London and Westminster, to the purchasers under or since the and suburbs thereof, as much of said former act. the street near the Maypole in the 3. An act for confirming articles, and Strand in the county of Middlesex, vesting the manor of Kirby-Underas shall be sufficient to build one wood in the county of Lincoln, and of the said churches upon; and for other manors, lands and hereditarestoring to the principal and scho- ments thereby agreed to be sold, in lars of King's-Hall, and college of trustees, for discharging the debts Brazen-Nose, in the university of of Sir John Brownlow, bart. deOxen, their right of presentation ceased, and his daughters portions, to the churches and chapels in Step- and other purposes in the said ar

ticles mentioned. Cap. 18. For making perpetual the 4. An act for divesting the crown of 6. An act to enable William Harvey,

act made in the thirteenth and four- the remainder in fee-simple of and teenth years of the reign of the late in the manor and advowson of King Charles II. intituled, An aɛt for Stourton in the county of Wilts, and the better relief of the poor of this king- several lands, tenements and heredom: and that persons bound ap- ditaments, to the same manor be, prentices to, or being hired servants longing, expectant on certain e with persons coming with certifi- ftates-tail, and for vesting the same cates, shall not gain settlements by in certain. other persons therein such services or apprenticeships: named, to the intent the fame may and for making perpetual the act be barred by proper methods in law, made in the fixth year of her pre- for the purposes therein mention. sent Majesty's reign, intituled, An ed. aft for the importation of cochineal 5. An act to enable trustees to sell from any ports in Spain, during the some out-parts of the estate of Sir present war, and fix months longer : Bourcbier IVrey, Bart. in the county and for reviving a clause in an act of Devon, for the purposes therein made in the ninth and tenth years mentioned.

ney parish.

and hereditaments in the counties the elder esq; and William Harvey, of Warwick and Bedford, (late the esq; his son, to settle a jointure,

estate of Sir Roger Burgoyne, Bart, and grant a lease, and for vesting deceased) in trustees, for divers the inheritance, after a term of five purposes therein mentioned. hundred years, of lands in Suffolk, 14. An act for discharging the manors in trustees to be sold for raising por- and lordships of Bexwell and Tintions for his daughters.

worth in the county of Norfolk from 7. An act for the exchange of the the several uses, trusts and estates

parsonage-house at Charlton in Kent, thereof limited, in and by the marand close thereto adjoining, in lieu riage-settlement of Sir John Holland,

of another house and lands there. Bart. with the lady Rebecca his wife; 8. An act for making the chapelry of and for settling divers other manors,

Stockton in the county of Durham, messuages, lands, tenements and a diftinct parish.

hereditaments of a greater value, 9. An act for naturalizing Lewis Van- and which lie more convenient in den Enden.

the same county, in lieu thereof. 10. An act for better enabling James 15. An act for enabling Henry Lee the

earl of Salisbury, and his trustees, younger, alias Lee Warner, to make to make sale of certain manors, a jointure upon his marriage. lands and hereditaments in the 16. An act for uniting and consolidatcounties of Northampton and Dor- ing the rectories, advowsons and fet, and a fee-farm rent, for the parishes of Melton St. Mary's and

purposes in the said act mentioned. Melton All Saints, in the diocese of 11. An act for the sale of the reversion Norwich in the county of Norfolk.

and inheritance of the manor of 17. An act to amend several defects Morley in the county of York, to- in an act of parliament, made in gether with the term of 500 years,

the tenth year of the reign of his therein, decreed to be sold for pay- late majesty King William III. inment of debts, and also for exchang- tituled, An act to enable Thomas ing a fee-farm rent of the coheirs Byde, Esq; an infant with the conof William late Marquess of Hali- fent of his guardians and next relafax, issuing out of part of Leiffield tions, to make a contract for the buyforest in Rutlandshire, for a fee-farm ing in his mother's jointure; and ta leil rent of Daniel earl of Nottingham, a small estate in Great Amwell in the issuing out of Hartingfordbury in county of Hertford; and likewise for. Hertfordshire, and for settling the the securing and raising a portion for same to such uses as the said fee- Barbara Byde, spinster, fifter of the farm rent in Rutlandsbire was set- said Thomas Byde, and for other tled.

purposes in the said act mentioned, and 12. An act for raising 5000l. portion to enable the faid Thomas Byde to

out of several lands in Middlesex raise monies, and to make leares for and Warwickshire, charged there- the purposes in this present act men with (being the estate of the Right tioned. honourable Gilbert earl of Coventry) 18. An act to enable William Baoth, and for paying the fame to the gent. to sell certain lands and here lady Anne Coventry, his daughter, ditaments in the county of Chester, at her marriage, though the same for payment of the debts of his should be before her age of eighteen brother, with whom and for which years.

hę stands bound; and for apply13. An act for vesting divers lands ing the surplus (if any) of the

a 2



Arran in the kingdom of Cap. 1. F het Majelity; to be raised

money raised for such purpose, to- scury, Peter Ribot, Peter Laffite, wards payment of his own proper

and others, debts. 19. An act to enable the right ho

Anno 12 Anne, Stat. 2. nourable earl of I. OR granting an Ireland, to take the oath of office,


Majesty, as master of her Majesty's ord- by a land-tax in Great Britain, for nance in the kingdom of Ireland, the service of the year 1714. before the barons of her Majesty's Cap. 2. For allowing a drawback upcourt of Exchequer at Westminster, on the exportation of salt to be and to qualify himself for the legal made use of for the curing of fish enjoyment of the said office.

taken at North-Jeas, or at Iseland. 20. An act for enabling Sir Charles Cap. 3. For charging and continuing

Gresham, bart. to rise the sum of the duties upon malt, mum, cyder five thousand pounds, and interest, - and perry, for the service of the and maintenance, for Elizabeth the year 1714, and for the encouragedaughter of his brother Sir Edward ment of the distilling brandy from Grebam, bart. deceased; and to malted corn and cyder ; and for make provision for his younger making forth duplicates of Exchildren.

chequer-bills, and lottery-tickets, 21. An act to enable Sir Edward loft, burnt, or destroyed; and to

Leighton, bart. to charge his estate enable the governor and company with 4000 l. (preferable to 6000l. of the bank of England, and others, already charged thereupon by his to lend money upon South-sea marriage-settlement) for the pur

stock. . poses therein mentioned.

Cap. 4. For the better regulating the 22. An act for sale of several lands forces to be continued in her Ma

and tenements of John Constable, jesty's service, and for the payment gent. in the parish of Ockley in the of the said forces, and of their quarcounty of Surrey, for payment of ters. his debts, and for settling other Cap. 5. For taking away the new adlands in the same county, of a bet- ditional duty of 30 l. per cent. ad vater value, to the same uses, in lieu lorem, impoled upon all books and thereof.

prints imported into Great Britain, 23. An act to enable John Harring- by an act made in the tenth year

ton, esq; and Dorothy his wife, and of the reign of her present majesty Charles Harrington, gent. fon and Queen Anne. heir apparent of the said John Har- Cap. 6. For taking away mortuaries rington, to sell the reversion of le- within the dioceses of Bangor, Lanveral messuages and tenements in ; daff, St. Davids and St. Afaph, Liverpoole, in the county of Lan- and giving a recompence therefore casier, being the inheritance of the to the bishops of the said respective said Dorothy, for payınent of their dioceses; and for confirming feve

debts, and settling an equivalent ral letters patents granted by her • upon the said Dorothy.

: Majefty for perpetually annexing a 24. An act to enable Symes Parry to prebend of Gloucester to the master, change his name of Parry to Symes, thip of Pembroke college in Oxford; according to the will of John Symes, and a prebend of Rochester to the esq; deceased.

provoftship of Oriel college in Ox29. An act to naturalize Simon De- ford; and a prebend of Norwich to

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the mastership of Catharine-Hall in pounds fifteen shillings ten pence Cambridge.

halfpenny, by them duly issued out Cap. 7. To prevent the growth of of the sum of three hundred ninety

schism, and for the further security eight thousand eighty five pounds of the churches of England and Ire- ten shillings, which they received. lind, as by law established. Cap. 14. For rendring more effectual Cap. 8. For encouraging the tobacco- an act made in the third year of the trade.

reign of King James I. intituled, An Cap. 9. For laying additional duties act to prevent and avoid dangers which

on soap and paper, and upon cer- may grow by popish recusants; and tain linens, silks, callicoes and also one other act made in the first ftuffs, and upon starch and ex- year of the reign of their late maported coals, and upon stamp'd jesties King William and Queen vellum, parchment and paper, and Mary, intituled, An act'10 veft in for raifing 1,400,000 l. by way of the two universities the presentations a lottery for her Majesty's supply; of benefices belonging to papists; and and for allowances on exporting

for vesting in the lords of justiciary made wares of leather, sheep-skins, power to inflict the same punishand lamb-skins; and for distribu- ments against jesuits, prieits, and tion of 4000 l. due to the officers other trafficking papists, which the and seamen for gun-money; and privy council of Scotland was imto adjust the property of tickets in powered to do by an act passed in former lotteries, and touching cer- the parliament of Scotland, intitultain shares of stock in the capital ed, An act for preventing the growth of the South-Sea company; and for of Popery. appropriating the monies granted Cap. 15. For providing a publick reto her Majesty.

ward for such person or persons Cap. 10. For raising the militia for the as shall discover the longitude at year 1714, although the month's sea. pay formerly advanced be not re- Cap. 16. To reduce the rate of inpaid; and for rectifying a mistake terest, without any prejudice to in an act passed in this present sef- parliamentary securities. fion of parliament, intituled, An Cap. 17. For the speedy and effectual ce for the regulating the forces to be preserving the navigation of the continued in her Majesty's service, and river of Thames, by stopping the for payment of the said forces and their breach in the levels of Havering and quarters.

Dagenham in the county of Elex ; Cap. 11. To prevent the listing and for ascertaining the coal-mea

her Majesty's subjects to serve as sure. foldiers, without her Majesty's li- Cap. 18. For the preserving all ships cence.

and goods thereof, which ihall hapCap. 12. For the better maintenance pen to be forced on shore, or strand.

of the curates within the church of ed upon the coasts of this kingdom, England, and for preventing any ec- or any other of her Majesty's doclefiaftical persons from buying the

minions. next avoidance of any church-pre- Cap. 19. To explain a clause in an ferment.

act of parliament of the tenth year Cap. 13. To discharge and acquit the of her Majesty's reign, for laying

commissioners of equivalent for the several duties upon all soap and fum of three hundred eighty one paper made in Great Britain, or thousand five hundred and nine imported into the same; and upon


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chequered and striped linens im- Great Yarmouth in the county of ported; and upon certain filks, Norfolk, by a duty or imposition on callicoes, linens and stuffs, print- all coals, culm and cinders, to be ed, painted or stained ; and upon landed there. several kinds of stampt vellum, 2. An act for the repairing the highparchment and paper; and upon ways between Shepard's Shord and certain printed pamphlets and ad- Horsey Upright Gate, leading down vertisements, for raising the sum of Bagdon-hill in the county of Wilts, 1,800,000l. by way of a lottery, and and other ruinous parts of highfor other purposes in the said act ways thereunto adjacent. mentioned; so far as the said act 3. An act for repairing the highway relates to lawns, canvas, buckrams, or road from the city of Worcefter,

barras, and Silesia neckcloths. to the borough of Droitwich in the Cap. 20. To explain and make more county of Worcester.

effectual an act passed in the tenth 4. An aćt for repairing the highways year of her Majeity's reign, for pre- between the Bear Inn in Reading, venting abuses in making linen in the county of Berks, and a cercloth, and regulating the lengths tain place called Burnt-Field in the and breadths, and equal sorting of

said county yarn in each piece made in Scotland, 5. An act for sale of part of the eand for whitening the same.

state of Joseph Olliver, gent. lying Cap. 21. To explain part of an act in the county of Devon, and city of

made in the seventh year of her Exon, for payment of his debts, Majesty's reign, (for enlarging the and for making provision for maincapital stock of the bank of England, tenance and education of his daughand for raising' a further supply to ter. her Majesty, for the service of the 6. An act for making more effectual year 1709) so far as the same re- an act passed in the ninth year of lates to unwrought incle, import- her present Majesty's reign, intied into this kingdom.

tuled, An act for repairing the highCap. 22. To continue an act of the ways between Dunstable and Hock

fixth year of her Majesty's reign, ley in the county of Bedford. intituled, An act to enable her Ma- 7: An act for making the river Nine jesty to make leases and copies of offices, or Nen, running from Northampton lands, and hereditaments, parcel of her to Peterborough navigable. dutchy of Cornwall, or annexed to the 8. An act for vesting the lease of the fame.

rectory of Chesterfield in the county Cap. 23. For reducing the laws re- of Derby, in trustees, to be sold for

lating to rogues, vagabonds, sturdy the payment of the debts of George beggars and vagrants, into one act Smith, esq; deceased, and for makof parliament; and for the more ing provision for his daughter. effectual punishing such rogues va- 9. An act for the sale of the manor gabonds, and sturdy beggars and and barton of Widdicombe, in the vagrants, sending them whither

county of Devon, comprised in the they ought to be sent.

marriage-settlement of Walter Hele, Private As.

gent, and Philippe his wife, and for

raising and securing the sum of Anno 12 Anna, Stat. 2.

1500 1. for the benefit of the chil. N act for the building a new dren of the said Walter and Phil




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