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who have acted in defence of his service in Great Britain or Ireland, Majesty's person and government, or in the islands of Jersey or Guernand for the preservation of the pub- sey. lick peace of this kingdom, in and Cap. 48. To encourage the planting about the time of the late unnatu- of timber-trees, fruit-trees and oral rebellion, from vexatious fuits ther trees, for ornament, shelter and prosecutions.

or profit, and for the better preserCap. 40. For the free importation of vation of the same; and for the pre

cochineal, during the time therein venting the burning of woods. limited.

Cap. 49. To revive and continue an Cap. 41. For giving liberty to per- act of the eighth and ninth years sons who have served their

appren- of the reign of his late majesty King ticeships to any part of the wool- William, for repair of the piers of len manufacture in Colchester, to Bridlington, alias Burlington, in the work at their faid trades, and at east-riding of the county of York. the making bays within the said Cap. 50. For appointing commistown.

sioners to enquire of the estates of Cap. 42. For the attainder of George certain traitors, and of popish recu

earl of Marischall, William earl of fants, and of estates given to superSeaforth, James earl of Scuthesque, stitious uses, in order to raise moJames earl of Panmuir, and others, ney out of them severally for the of high treason, unless they thall use of the publick. render themselves to justice by a Cap. 51. For repealing so much of day certain therein mentioned, the act of the twelfth

and thirteenth Cap. 43. To continue duties for en- years of the reign of King William

couraging the coinage of money, the Third, intituled, An alt for the and to charge the duties on senna farther limitation of the crown, and as a medicinal drug; and for the better securing the rights and liberties appropriating several supplies grant- of the subjects, as enacts, That no ed to his Majesty,

person, who should come to the Cap. 44. For the continuing the duty poffeffion of the crown, shall go

of two pennies Scots, or one fixth out of the dominions of England, of a penny sterling, on ever pint of Scotland or Ireland, without consent ale and beer that shall be vended or of parliament. sold within the city of Glasgow and Cap. 52. For making the laws for reprivileges thereof, for the benefit of pairing the highways more effec, the said city.

tual. Cap. 45. For holding the assise for Cap. 53. For the attainder of Thomas

the county of Cornwall, at a con- Forsier junior, esq; and William

venient place within the said county. Mackintosh, esq; (commonly called Cap. 46. To prevent the mischiefs brigadier Mackintosh) of high trea

by manufacturing leaves or other son. things to resemble tobacco, and the Cap. 54. For the more effectual feabuses in making and mixing of curing the peace of the highlands snuff.

in Scotland. Cap. 47. For the more effectual and Cap. 55. To oblige papists to regi

exemplary punishment of such per- fter their names and real estates. fons as thall 'educe soldiers to de- Cap. 56. To disable any person from sert, or who, being papists, shall being chose a member of, or from inlift themelves in his Majesty's fitting and voting in the house of


commons, who has any pension to grant a commission to some perfor any number of years from the fons in Great Britain, to administer crown.

to Henry Temple, esq; the usual Cap. 57. For better regulating hack- oaths for due execution of the of

ney-coaches, carts, drays, carrs and fice of chief remembrancer of the waggons, within the cities of Lon- court of Exchequer in Ireland. don and Westminster, and the week- 7. An act for sale of part of the estate ly bills of mortality; and for pre- late of William Betts, gentleman, venting mischiefs occasioned by the deceased, for discharging incumdrivers riding upon such carts, brances thereupon; and for making drays, carrs and waggons.

good a settlement by him made of

other part of his estate. Private Afts.

8. An act to enable trustees to grant Anno 1 Georgii.

leases of part of the lands devised

by the last will and testament of I. An act to impower the barons of

Thomas Trenchard, esq; deceased. the court of Exchequer in Ireland, 9. An act for relieving William Paterto grant a commission to some per- fon, esq; out of the equivalent-mofons in England, to administer to

ney, for what is due to him. Henry Temple, esq; and Luke King, 10. An act to naturalize Florian Goegentleman, the usual oaths for the bell, merchant. due execution of their office of re- II. An act for naturalizing Herman membrancer of the court of Exche- Meyer. quer in Ireland.

12. An act for repairing the high2. An act to impower the barons of

ways through the several parishes the court of Exchequer in Ireland, of St. Michael, St. Albans, St. Peter, to grant a commission to some of Shenley Ridge and South-Mims, in the barons of the court of Exche- the counties of Hertford and Midquer in England, to administer to

dlesex. Thomas Hopkins, esq; the usual oaths 13. An act for confirming the sale of for the due execution of the office the reversion of the manor of Daror offices of searcher, packer and rington, by George earl of Cardigan,

gauger in the port of Dublin. to Theophilus Shelton, esq; and his 3. An act for settling the precedency heirs.

of Robert marquiss of Lindsey, great 14. An act for vesting in trustees part chamberlain of England, when creat- of the estate of Nicholas Fry, esq; ed a duke of Great Britain, and of deceased, for payment of his debts. such as Thall succeed to the said ho- 15. An act to enable the right ho

nourable Henry earl of Rochester, 4. An act for appointing persons to and William lord viscount Mount

take care of the person and estate of joy in the kingdom of Ireland, to John Digby, esq; eldest son and heir take the oaths of office for their reapparent of William lord Digby in spective offices in the said kingdom the kingdom of Ireland.

of Ireland, and to qualify themselves 5. An act for vesting in the warden in England for the legal enjoyment

and college of All-fouls in Oxford, of their faid offices, and their successors, certain houses 16. An act for explaining an act

and ground belonging to the parish made in the ninth year of the reign . of St. Mary in Oxford.

of King William the Third, inti6. An act to impower the barons of tuled, An att for vesting part of the the court of Exchequer in Ireland, estate of Thomas Panton, efq; in




trustees, to be sold for payment of debts, be sold for the payment of his aud securing a jointure to Mary his debts; and for settling the remainnow wife; and for other purposes ing part thereof, as near as may be, therein mentioned.

to the intent of the said articles ; 17. An act for vesting certain manors. and for making thereby, and by

and lands in the counties of Devon other means in the act mentioned, and Kent, the estate of Sir William some provision for the said Fobn Courtenay, baronet, in trustees, and Bromfield and Anne his wife and their heirs, to be fold, and with the their issue. money arising thereby to purchase 24. An act to make the river Kennet other lands in the county of De- navigable from Reading to Newbury von, contiguous to the seat of his

in the county of Berks. family, to be settled to the same. 25. An act for repairing and amendusues.

ing the highways between Tyburn 18. An act to enable Sir Richard and Uxbridge in the county of Mid

Wynche, baronet, and Humphrey dlesex. Wynche, esq; only fon and heir 26. An act to enable Richard lord apparent of the said Sir Richard viscount Rolle of the kingdom of Wynche, to settle a jointure upon Ireland, notwithstanding his nonsuch woman as the said Humphrey. age, to settle a jointure, on Mary Wynche shall marry.

viscountess Rojje his wife, and make 19. An act to enable George Heneage, a settlement on his issue male, with

esq; to sell the rectory of North- provision for younger children, Willingham, in the county of Lin- and for other purposes therein coln, and some lands there, and for mentioned. settling rent-charges of greater 27. An act for the relief of Anne value in lieu thereof, and for other Milner, Thomas Colmore, William purposes therein mentioned.

Hunt, William Parrott, and others, 20. An act to enable Richard Lee, an as to customs of goods, burnt or

infant, with the consent of trustees, destroyed by the late fire in Thamesto grant leases of some part of his Street, London. eftate, notwithstanding his mino- 28. An act to enable Sir Hungerford rity,

Hoskyns, baronet, to raise monies 21. An act for building and endow- to discharge his brothers and litters

ing a church upon the site of the portions, and to settle a jointure on castle of Liverpoole, held by a lease a wife. from the dutchy of Lancaster ; and 29. An act to enable Robert Cope, for the explaining a former act for esq; to settle an additional jointure

the building another church there. out of his estate on Elizabeth his 22. An act for vesting the estate late now wife; and also to raise por

of John Turner, esq; deceased, in tions and maintenances for his trustees, to be sold for payment of daughters and younger children by his debts.

her; and to enable those in re23. An act for confirming a sale al- mainder to do the same. ready made to Edmund Dummer, 30. An act for sale of part of the gentleman, of some part, and for manor of Low-Laiton, in the county vesting other part of the estate of of Elex, and other lands there; John Bromfield, esq; in the county and for laying out the money arisof Soathampton, comprized in the ing thereby in the purchase of oarticles made upon his marriage ther lands in the county of Lincoln, with Anne his wife, in trustees, to to be settled to the same uses as the faid part of the manor of Low- qualify himself here in England for Laiton is settled.

the legal enjoyment of the said of 31. An act to naturalize Frederica fice.

counters of Holderness, Peter Gra- 41. An act for vesting several manors, vier, Theodore Bouchier and Francis messuages, lands, and heredita. Mason.

ments late of Charles earl of Dorset 82. An act to naturalize Robert de and Middlesex, whereof James late

Ulteger, George Christian Luders, duke of Ormond, at the time of his and others.

attainder, was seised, as surviving 33. An act for naturalizing Henry trustee named in the will of the Cornelisen.

said earl, in new trustees, and their 34. An act for vesting the honour heirs, upon the same trusts. and estate of John duke of Athol in 42. An act for explaining and make James Murray, esq; commonly call- ing more effectual an act passed in ed lord James Murray, after the the twelfth year of the reign of her death of the said duke.

late majesty Queen Anne, intituled, 35. An act for the naturalization of An act for making the chapelry of Frederick Guliker.

Stockton in the county of Durham, 36. An act for naturalizing Gerrard a distinct parish. Roeters.

43. An act for naturalizing Casper 37: An act for continuing and mak- White.

ing more effectual an act palled in 44. An act for the more effectual rethe twelfth year of her late Ma- versing and making void the atjesty's reign, intituled, An act for tainder of Charles earl of Macclesrepairing ihe highway or road from field deceased. the Stones-End in the parish of St. 45. An act to discharge Sir Alexander Leonard Shoreditch, in the county Rigby, knight, from his imprisonof Middlesex, to the farthermost part ment, and vest his estate and efof the northern road in the paris of

fects in trustees for the benefit of Endfield, in the fame county, next to his creditors. the parish of Cheshunt in the county 46. An act for vesting certain lands of Hertford.

and tenements of Peter Sunderland, 38. An act to enable his royal high- esq; in trustees, to be sold for pay

ness George prince of Wales, to qua- ment of debts charged thereon be. lify himself in Great Britain for the . fore the making of his marriagelegal enjoyment of the office of settlement, and by virtue thereof. chancellor of the university of 47. An act to enable Thomas Proctor

Dublin in the kingdom of Ireland. of Rock, in the county of Northum39. An act to enable Charles earl of berland, esq; to raise the sum of Sunderland, and Henry earl of Rom four thousand pounds out of his chefter, to take in Great Britain the estate, for payment of his debts, oath of office as vice-treasurer and and making provision for his receiver general, and paymaster ge- younger children. neral of all his Majesty's revenues 48. An act for naturalizing Erengird in the kingdom of Ireland, and to Melofine, baroness of Schulenburg. qualify themselves for the enjoyment of the said offices.

Anno 3 Georgi I. 40. An act to enable Richard earl of

Burlington and Cork, to take in Cap. 1. To enable his Majesty effecEngland the oath of the office of tually to prohibit or restrain combigh treasurer of Ireland, and to merce with Sweden.

Cap. 2. Cap. 2. For punishing mutiny and on the said company a yearly fund desertion, and for the better pay

after the rate of five pounds per ment of the army and their quar- centum per annum, redeemable by ters.

parliament; and to raise for an Cap: 3. For granting an aid to his annuity or annuities at five pounds

Majesty by a land tax in Great Bri- per centum per annum, any sum, not tain, for the service of the year exceeding two millions, to be em1717

ployed in lessening the national Cap. 4. For continuing the duties on debts and incumbrances, and for

malt, mum, cyder and perry, for making the said new yearly fund the service of the year 1717. and and annuities to be hereafter reto authorize allowances to be made deemable in the time and manner. · to certain receivers, and to obviate thereby prescribed. a doubt concerning goods im- Cap: 8. For redeeming several funds ported from the islands of Jersey, of the governor and company of Guernsey, Sark and Alderney; and the bank of England, pursuant to to ascertain the duties upon sheep- former provisoes of redemption ; skins and lamb-skins; and to pre- and for securing to them several vent frauds in the duties upon new funds and allowances redeemftarch ; and for making forth du- able by parliament; and for obligplicates of Exchequer-bills, lottery- ing them to advance further sums, tickets and orders, loft, burnt or not exceeding two millions five destroyed; and for enlarging the hundred thousand pounds, at five time for adjusting claims in several pounds per centuin, as shall be found lotteries; and for preventing frauds necessary to be employed in leffenin the duties on low-wines and ing the national debts and incumspirits carried coastwife,

brances; and for continuing cerCap. 5. For continuing the duty of tain provisions made for the ex

two pennies Scots; or one sixth part pences of his Majesty's civil goof a penny sterling, on every pint vernment; and for payment of anof ale and beer that shall be vend- nuities formerly purchased at the

ed or sold within the city of Edin- rate of five pounds per centum; and ;- burgh, and privileges thereof, for for other purposes in this act menthe benefit of the said city, and for

tioned. discontinuing the payment of the Cap. 9. For redeeming the duties and dues commonly called the petty- revenues which were settled to pay port customs at Edinburgh, during off principal and interest on the orthe continuance of this act.

ders made forth on four lottery-acts Cap. 6. For laying a duty of two

passed in the ninth and tenth years pennies Scots, or one fixth part of of her late Majesty's reign ; and a penny sterling, upon every pint for redeeming certain annuities of ale or beer that shall be vended payable on orders out of the hereor sold within the town of Dum- ditary excise, according to a forfries, and privileges thereof, for mer act in that behalf; and for epaying the debts of the said town, stablishing a general yearly fund, and for building a church, and not only for the future payment of making a harbour there.

annuities at several rates, to be Cap. 7. For redeeming the yearly payable and transferrable at the

fund of the South-Sea company bank of England, and redeemable (being after the rate of six pounds by parliament, but also to raise per centum per annum) and settling monies for such proprietors of the

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