Effective Kotlin: Best Practices

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This book is a guide for Kotlin developers on how to become an excellent Kotlin developer.

Kotlin is a powerful and pragmatic language, but it's not enough to know about its features. You also need to know when they should be used and in what way. This book presents and explains in-depth the best practices for Kotlin development. Each item is presented as a clear rule of thumb, supported by detailed explanations and practical examples. It's a comprehensive guide of best practices for Kotlin code quality: safety, readability, code design and efficiency.

What you will learn
You will learn how to make better Kotlin development in terms of safety, readability, maintainability and performance. The book also covers some advanced topics like inline functions and classes, DSLs or platform types.

Who this book is for
This book was written for Kotlin developers who want to learn and understand how to write high-quality code. It assumes some experience with Kotlin or at least with Swift, Java or Scala. It is directed towards all kinds of Kotlin developers and isn't specific to mobile or backend development.

The purpose of this book
The purpose of Effective Kotlin is to teach and promote the best practices for Kotlin developers, as well as the way Kotlin features can and should be used to improve code.

Reader Testimonials

Rafal Kuźmiński: Well done! I've read a few items and I have to admit that I learned some interesting stuff. Great book: )
Hanno Günther: Really love this book!

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