A catalogue of modern laws books. [13 issues].

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第 7 頁 - Bengal or within the local limits of the ordinary original civil jurisdiction of the High Courts of Judicature at Madras and Bombay, and (b) to all such wills and codicils made outside those territories and limits so far as relates to immovable property situate within those territories or limits...
第 102 頁 - The last instalments of coin due from the banks on the loan was applied to the interest on the public debt, which, at the close of the year, as compared with the previous year, was as follows : UNITED STATES DEBT-CLOSE OF I860 & 1801.
第 86 頁 - And now let me mention a project which I have much at heart. I desire much to invite your assistance to enable me to establish at Ajmer a school or college which should be devoted exclusively to the education of the sons of the Chiefs, Princes, and leading Thakoors of Rajpootana. It should be an institution suited to the position and rank of the boys for whose instruction it is intended, and such a system of teaching should be founded as would be best calculated to fit them for the important duties...
第 193 頁 - He is a Knight Grand Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India.
第 88 頁 - BAJPUTANA. 55 and vulgar self-assertion. On the other hand, you should be equally watchful against those temptations to which wealth, with its opportunities of self-indulgence, in all ages and all countries, has been peculiarly exposed, such as sloth, idleness, sensuality, effeminacy of mind and body, and all those baser influences which render a man a burden to himself, a disgrace to his family, and a curse to his country. And in saying this I would warn you that we are living in a shifting world,...
第 47 頁 - The balance in the Treasury at the close of the year was $9520.31. The sales of books and periodicals for the year amounted to $157,576.78. The amount received for the Missionary Fund, from all sources, was $55,^92.16. The amount expended was $55,868.86,. showing a balance of receipts over expenditures of $23.30. The schedule of Church Contributions, adopted...
第 1 頁 - Viceroy to this province, many of them had an opportunity, of which they were not slow to avail themselves, of demonstrating in a practical manner the sincerity of their loyalty.
第 149 頁 - If taken as correct, they serve to indicate a satisfactory state of the finances and a vigorous Judicial, Educational, and general Administrative Agency. They are forwarded as received from the Native Government, but they are by no means guaranteed as being correct. • EDUCATION. 6. The number of schools now sustained by the State is set down at...
第 145 頁 - school' had not acquired the same meaning in the beginning of the nineteenth century as it has today. It could mean any place of instruction having "a knot of boys sitting in a verandah around an aged Brahmin, who taught them to cast up figures and read the Shastras."* The indigenous educational institutions in the Jaipur region were 1.
第 212 頁 - RetHrn of the Stages of Instruction of Pupils in Public Schools for General Education in the Ultear Siate at the end of the Official Year 1885-86.