Oversight Visit to South Korea and Japan: Fourth Meeting of the United States-Japan Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology : Report to the Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, Ninety-ninth Congress, Second Session



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第 102 頁 - Science, by itself, provides no panacea for individual, social, and economic ills. It can be effective in the national welfare only as a member of a team, whether the conditions be peace or war. But without scientific progress no amount of achievement in other directions can insure our health, prosperity, and security as a nation in the modern world.
第 1 頁 - Korean People's Army and the Commander of the Chinese People's Volunteers, on the other hand, concerning a military armistice in Korea. PREAMBLE The undersigned, the Commander-in-Chief, United Nations Command, on the one hand, and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army and the Commander of the Chinese People's Volunteers...
第 39 頁 - If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
第 22 頁 - Center is under the executive control of the Science and Technology Agency of the Prime Minister's office.
第 16 頁 - The US -Japan relationship is the most important bilateral relationship in the world, bar none.
第 102 頁 - The people of our nations live in a time of engineering and technological marvels. We have creature-comforts that man has never known before. it is not a coincidence that this has come in conjunction with an increased understanding of the laws of nature and a recognition of the building blocks of matter. Scientists tell us that we have now arrived at a point in our scientific understanding when we have a good chance to learn how all the different forces of nature tie together.
第 105 頁 - There are over 5,000 scientists and engineers, actively engaged in scientific research throughout Japan who, process and abstract over 10,000 foreign and domestic journals, as well as technical reports, conference presentations, and patents.
第 30 頁 - Council (RDC) to advise the government not only on science policy matters but on science and technology policy. The Council is chaired by the Prime Minister and composed of representatives from government, academic and business spheres.
第 103 頁 - The cost will be enough to give pause to any government that decides to go ahead with this experiment, and the experiment will not be done unless a government decides to do it.
第 103 頁 - ... one significant step further. As we attempt to parcel out and balance the long-term responsibilities for each major discipline of science, we will have TO do so in the much larger area of al i science discipl ines viewed collectively.