Taiwan (Formosa).: The Pescadores Islands


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第 32 頁 - Stretching for some 2,300 miles from east to west and the same distance from north to south its territory is in a relatively compact form, with only 7 per cent of its area outside the tropics.
第 13 頁 - The function of the town assembly is to submit opinions on various problems when asked to do so by higher authority.
第 11 頁 - The governor has somewhat less power than the governor of a province, being subject to greater control by the chief of the police affairs department of the Government-General.
第 11 頁 - Industrial production technical aides 4 Public works technical aide 1 Sanitation technical aide 1...
第 11 頁 - Emperor, but by the Tokyo Government (probably in the present Greater East Asia Ministry) upon nomination by the Governor-General and approval by the Emperor.