Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science

The volume for 1886 is a report of the proceedings of the "Conference on temperance legislation, London, 1886."

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第 22 頁 - Dire was the tossing, deep the groans ; despair Tended the sick, busiest from couch to couch, And over them triumphant Death his dart Shook, but delayed to strike, though oft invoked With vows, as their chief good, and final hope.
第 5 頁 - ... godliness hath promise of the life that now is," as well as of that which is to come.
第 53 頁 - ... a man. The matter changeth, the custom, the contracts, the commerce, the dispositions, educations, and tempers of men and societies, change in a long tract of time, and so must their laws in some measure be changed, or they will not be useful for their state and condition; and besides all this, time is the wisest thing under heaven.
第 550 頁 - And so manifold are the bearings of money upon the lives and characters of mankind, that an insight which should search out the life of a man in his pecuniary relations would penetrate into almost every cranny of his nature. He who knows, like St. Paul, both how to spare and how to abound, has a great knowledge...
第 380 頁 - Let him that stole steal no more : but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.
第 298 頁 - The end then of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright...
第 55 頁 - Meanwhile, at social Industry's command, How quick, how vast an increase! From the germ Of some poor hamlet, rapidly produced Here a huge town, continuous and compact, Hiding the face of earth for leagues — and there, Where not a habitation stood before, Abodes of men irregularly massed Like trees in forests, — spread through spacious tracts, O'er which the smoke of unremitting fires Hangs permanent, and plentiful as wreaths Of vapour glittering in the morning sun.
第 261 頁 - Association, to promote the establishment, by law. in England and Wales, of a system of free schools, which, supported by local rates,* and managed by local committees, especially elected for that purpose by the rate-payers, shall impart secular instruction only; leaving to parents, guardians, and religious teachers, the inculcation of doctrinal religion, to afford opportunities for which, it is proposed that the schools shall be closed at stated times in each week.
第 275 頁 - Lordships are strongly of opinion that no plan of education ought to be encouraged in which intellectual instruction is not subordinate to the regulation of the thoughts and habits of the children by the doctrines and precepts of revealed religion.
第 550 頁 - The philosophy which affects to teach us a contempt of money, does not run very deep ; for, indeed, it ought to be still more clear to the philosopher than it is to the ordinary man, that there are few things in the world of greater importance. And so manifold are the bearings of money upon the lives and...