Bulletin, 第 11 期

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 1998


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第 228 頁 - Research for this chapter was supported in part by a grant from the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), with funds provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the United States Department of State, which administers the Russian, Eurasian, and East European Research Program (Title VIII).
第 186 頁 - Accepting these principles, and for the purpose of cooperation among themselves and with others to promote and protect the health of all peoples, the contracting parties agree to the present Constitution and hereby establish the World Health Organization as a specialized agency of the United Nations within the terms of Article 57 of the Charter of the UN.
第 152 頁 - Article 81 1 . Citizens of the Republic of Poland, irrespective of nationality, race or religion, shall enjoy equal rights in all fields of public, political, economic, social and cultural life. Infringement of this principle by any direct or indirect privileges or restrictions of rights by reference to nationality, race or religion shall be punishable.
第 198 頁 - ... for the prohibition of the use of bacterial weapons — an agenda item which had been proposed by the USSR — the United States submitted a draft resolution concerning what it termed false charges by the U.SS.R. of the use of germ warfare by the United Nations forces in Korea, The proposal called on all governments and authorities concerned to accord to the International Committee of the Red Cross full co-operation for investigating the charges.
第 171 頁 - Because of the strategic need for dealing with the Soviet revisionists, Nixon hopes to win over China. It is necessary for us to utilize the contradiction between the United States and the Soviet Union in a strategic sense, and pursue a breakthrough in the Sino-American relations. Thus, we must adopt due measures, about which I have some "wild
第 152 頁 - It is forbidden to prevent citizens from taking part in religious activities or rites. It is also forbidden to coerce anybody to participate in religious activities or rites. 2. The Church is separated from the State. The principles of the relationship between Church and State are, together with the legal and patrimonial position of religious bodies, determined by law.
第 190 頁 - States draft resolution, which was voted on 10-1. The United States submitted a new draft resolution to conclude, from the refusal of the governments and authorities making the charges to permit an impartial investigation, that the charges must be presumed to be without substance and false: and to condemn the practice 25 of fabricating and disseminating such false charges.
第 8 頁 - Solidarity," the Polish comrades hope to receive assistance from other countries, up to and including the introduction of armed forces on the territory of Poland.
第 121 頁 - Brezhnev, general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU and chairman of the Presidium of the...