The Aleutians Campaign, June 1942-August 1943

Naval Historical Center, Department of the Navy, 1945 - 133 頁

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第 107 頁 - ... might make all the difference between the success and failure of the harvest, and under such conditions failure might have calamitous consequences.
第 iv 頁 - Both sides would have done well to have left the Aleutians to the Aleuts for the course of the war.
第 131 頁 - Heavy-hull repair ship ARL Repair ship, landing craft ARS Salvage vessel ARS(D) Salvage lifting vessel ARS(T) Salvage craft tender ARV Aircraft repair ship AS Submarine tender ASR Submarine rescue vessel ATA Ocean Tug, auxiliary ATF Ocean Tug, fleet ATO Ocean Tug, old ATR Ocean Tug, rescue AV Seaplane tender AVC Catapult lighter AVD Seaplane tender (destroyer) AVP Seaplane tender, small AVR Aircraft rescue vessel AVS Aviation supply ship AW Distilling ship AWK Water...
第 3 頁 - Meteorological conditions become progressively worse as the western end of the island chain is approached. On Attu five or six days a week are likely to be rainy, and there are hardly more than eight or ten clear days a year. The rest of the time, even if rain is not falling, fog of varying density is the rule rather than the exception.
第 vi 頁 - In those instances where views cannot be reconciled, extracts from the conflicting evidence are reprinted. Thus, an effort has been made to provide accurate and, within the above-mentioned limitations, complete narratives with charts covering raids, combats, joint operations, and battles in which our Fleets have engaged in the current war. It is hoped that these narratives will afford a clear view of what has occurred, and form a basis for a broader understanding which will result in ever more successful...
第 2 頁 - The lowlands are blanketed with tundra or muskeg as much as three feet thick. This growth forms a spongy carpet which makes walking most difficult. Below the tundra is volcanic ash which has been finely ground and watersoaked until it has the consistency of slime.
第 iii 頁 - Samuel Eliot Morison's History of the United States Naval Operations in World War II...
第 131 頁 - Surveying Ship AGSC - Coastal Surveying Ship AG(SS) - Auxiliary Submarine AH - Hospital Ship AK - Cargo Ship AK(SS) - Cargo Submarine AKA - Attack Cargo Ship AKD - Cargo Ship, Dock AKL - Light Cargo Ship AKN - Net Cargo Ship AKS - General Stores Issue Ship AKV - Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry AN - Net Laying Ship AO - Oiler AOE - Fast Combat Support Ship AOG - Gasoline Tanker AOR - Replenishment Fleet Tanker AO(SS) - Submarine Oiler AP - Transport AP(SS) - Transport Submarine * Addition of the suffix...
第 95 頁 - ... area and the valley to the southwest. Two battalions of the 32d Infantry, the 1st and 3d, under Colonel Frank L. Culin, commanding officer of the regiment, with two batteries of field artillery, were to stay on shipboard in reserve. A subsidiary landing was to be made at Austin Cove by a provisional battalion consisting of the 7th Scout Company and the 7th Reconnaissance Troop, less one platoon, Captain William Willoughby commanding. This force, which sailed from Dutch Harbor in a destroyer and...
第 127 頁 - Any doubts of enemy resistance were not compelling enough to result in advance reconnaissance of Kiska except from the air.