Participatory Health Through Social Media

Shabbir Syed-Abdul, Elia Gabarron, Annie Lau
Academic Press, 2016年6月10日 - 162 頁

Participatory Health through Social Media explores how traditional models of healthcare can be delivered differently through social media and online games, and how these technologies are changing the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as their impact on health behavior change. The book also examines how the hospitals, public health authorities, and inspectorates are currently using social media to facilitate both information distribution and collection. Also looks into the opportunities and risks to record and analyze epidemiologically relevant data retrieved from the Internet, social media, sensor data, and other digital sources.

The book encompasses topics such as patient empowerment, gamification and social games, and the relationships between social media, health behavior change, and health communication crisis during epidemics. Additionally, the book analyzes the possibilities of big data generated through social media. Authored by IMIA Social Media working group, this book is a valuable resource for healthcare researchers and professionals, as well as clinicians interested in using new media as part of their practice or research.

  • Presents a multidisciplinary point of view providing the readers with a broader perspective
  • Brings the latest case studies and technological advances in the area, supported by an active international community of members who actively work in this area
  • Endorsed by IMIA Social Media workgroup, guaranteeing trustable information from the most relevant experts on the subject
  • Examines how the hospitals, public health authorities, and inspectorates are currently using social media to facilitate both information distribution and collection

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1 An Introduction to Participatory Health Through Social Media
2 Patient Empowerment Through Social Media
3 Use of Social Media by Hospitals and Health Authorities
4 Social Media and Health Crisis Communication During Epidemics
5 Big Data For Health Through Social Media
6 Social Media and Health Behavior Change
Techniques for Health Social Media
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關於作者 (2016)

Shabbir Syed-Abdul MD., PhD: an associate professor at Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Taipei Medical University. He is a leading researcher and a principal investigator at the International Center for Health Information Technology, Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Shabbir has 15 years experience of research in the domain of Long-term care with Wearable technologies, mHealth, Big data analysis and visualisation, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Health Records, Social Network in healthcare and Hospital Information System. He wants to empower care providers and improve patient participation and engagement. Dr. Shabbir is an editor of the book ‘Participatory Health Through Social Media’ published by Elsevier in 2016. Also, Dr. Shabbir is guest editor for the Journal Sensors since March 2018.

Elia Gabarron is psychologist with experience in e-health research and actually is heading a research project on the use of computer/smartphone mediated communication and social networking in health promotion to youngsters. She has co-authored several international peer-reviewed articles in this field.

Annie Lau, BE, PhD, is leader researcher of the Consumer Informatics group at the Centre for Health Informatics (CHI), Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Australia.

CHI is the most active and productive consumer informatics research program in Australia, innovating new ways for consumers to engage with clinicians and health services through the use of e-health. Annie Lau has published important original research in this area and has led multiple international reviews on the role of social media for consumers and patients.