China in Search of a Harmonious Society

Sujian Guo, Baogang Guo
Lexington Books, 2008 - 257 頁
"Numerous problems are poised to jeopardize the political stability of China and cast a shadow on the moral foundation of its economic reform. How to cope with these new problems is a daunting task facing the Chinese leadership and people in the twenty-first century. The new generation of leadership under Hu Jintao has begun to search for solutions and direction. "Building a harmonious society" based on a "scientific view of development" has become a new catchphrase in political and academic discourse in China and a newly adopted program by the Chinese government. In this context Chins in Search of a Harmonious Society brings together a group of China scholars to examine this new concept proposed by the Chinese leadership under Hu Jintao, its important implications for the future of Chinese political development, and some major issues and questions in China's academic and public debate on the search for a harmonious society. This book will be of interest to professors and students of China studies, as well as policymakers and researchers."--BOOK JACKET.


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Introduction China in Search of a Harmonious Society
Building a Harmonious Society and Achieving
Traditional Culture Embodied in Confucianism

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關於作者 (2008)

Sujian Guo is professor in the Department of Political Studies and director of the Center for U.S.-China Policy Studies at San Francisco State University. Baogang Guo is associate professor of political science at Dalton State College and president of the Association of Chinese Political Studies.