Assessment of Family Violence: A Clinical and Legal Sourcebook

Robert T. Ammerman, Michel Hersen
Wiley, 1992年5月28日 - 397 頁
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Almost every clinician at some time faces the challenge of evaluating individuals and families involved in domestic violence. This invaluable sourcebook provides the kind of comprehensive understanding of epidemiological models, intervention planning, and standards of practice that will help practitioners address the causes, effects, future risks, problems, and issues that arise in a variety of family violence situations. Edited by the expert team responsible for Treatment of Family Violence and written by leading figures in the field, Assessment of Family Violence takes stock of over a decade of research and examines the strategies and measures that are vital to the effective assessment of family violence, both in terms of treatment planning and legal requirements. Assessment of Family Violence provides authoritative coverage of the assessment, clinical, and legal issues involved in dealing with family violence; epidemiology of family violence involving both children and adults; types of family violence, including child abuse and neglect, incest, wife battering, elder abuse and neglect, and psychological abuse of women; and special issues in the field, including recently recognized areas of maltreatment, such as child witnesses of marital violence, adolescent perpetrators of incest, and adult survivors of incest. Rich in descriptive material, assessment approach analyses, legal considerations, case illustrations, and invaluable practical guidelines, Assessment of Family Violence is an interdisciplinary and cross-theoretical treasury for concerned clinicians, counselors, social workers, and legal professionals.


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Current Issues in the Assessment of Family Violence

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