The History of the Castle, Town, and Forest of Knaresbrough: With Harrogate, and It's Medicinal Springs: Including an Account of the Most Remarkable Places, in the Neighbourhood ...

Hargrove and sons, 1809 - 413 頁
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第 45 頁 - The crush of thunder and the warring winds, Shook by the slow but sure destroyer Time, Now hangs in doubtful ruins o'er its base. And flinty pyramids, and walls of brass, Descend : the Babylonian spires are sunk ; Achaia, Rome, and Egypt, moulder down. Time shakes the stable tyranny of thrones, And tottering empires rush by their own weight. This huge rotundity we tread, grows old ; And all those worlds that roll around the sun, The sun himself, shall die ; and ancient Night Again involve the desolate...
第 391 頁 - I have been bullied by an usurper ; I have been neglected by a court ; but I will not be dictated to by a subject : your man shan't stand. " ANNE Dorset, Pembroke and Montgomery.
第 243 頁 - Loved the church so well, and gave so largely to't, They thought it should have canopied their bones Till doomsday ; but all things have their end : Churches and cities, which have diseases like to men, Must have like death that we have.
第 204 頁 - Mangled with wounds on his own earth lay dead ; Upon whose body Clifford down him sate Stabbing the corpse ; and cutting off the head, Crown'd it with paper, and to wreake his teene Presents it so to his victorious Queene.
第 316 頁 - In troop to troop oppos'd, and line to line. They meet; they wheel; they throw their darts afar With harmless rage and well-dissembled war. Then in a round the mingled bodies run: Flying they follow, and pursuing shun; Broken, they break; and, rallying, they renew In other forms the military shew.
第 252 頁 - Tho' the partial world Despised and disregarded His low and humble state, The equal eye of Providence Beheld and blessed it With a Patriarch's health and length of days ; To teach mistaken man These blessings are entailed on Temperance, A life of labour, and a mind at ease.
第 252 頁 - Blush not, marble, to rescue from oblivion the memory of HENRY JENKINS : a person obscure in birth, but of a life truly memorable; for he was enriched with the goods of nature, if not of fortune, and happy in the duration, if not variety, of his enjoyments; and, tho...
第 94 頁 - The friars of the order of the Holy Trinity for the Redemption of Captives...
第 353 頁 - ... in width, and the same in depth ; and might serve for the insertion of two pedestals or props, which, it is not improbable, may formerly have supported the figure of some oracular Idol ; for these tubes, which are internally rugose, were capable of augmenting the sound of the voice, and giving its tone a degree of almost supernatural vehemence and terrible solemnity ; and by the artful management of the Druid priests might occasionally become instruments for the promulgation of oracular decrees."*...
第 383 頁 - It was usual, with much labour, to place one vast stone upon another for a religious memorial.