The Philippine Journal of Science, 第 3 卷

National Science Development Board., 1908

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第 383 頁 - because it is insoluble, free from cleavage and has the same coefficient of expansion as the sand grains which it holds together; however, iron oxides make a fair bond. The latter are more desirable as a cementing material than calcite which is soluble, has very pronounced cleavage, and has a different coefficient of
第 491 頁 - •'This focus is possessed of great seismic activity, as is evidenced by the long series of earthquakes observed and carefully recorded by the Jesuit missionaries of that region since the year 1890. In June, 1891, a violent earthquake was the beginning of a long and fearful seismic period. This earthquake produced
第 191 頁 - chopped into bits by the people present, each of whom was allowed to take a small portion as a memento of the occasion, the remainder of the body being buried in a hole prepared for it. It is said that the child was deaf and almost blind and that
第 190 頁 - unable to secure another husband it is necessary for her to offer sacrifice to appease the spirit of her departed husband in order that she may secure another. In order that these sacrifices be not made too frequently it is customary for the old men of the town to gather once each year during the time when a
第 381 頁 - those that exist are not conveniently located for use. Since the first cost is the controlling factor in the purchase of materials for construction, a very poor substitute must often be used. The metamorphic and igneous rocks, capable of resisting heavy strains and weathering, which have been noted on many of the Islands of the Philippines by the early
第 168 頁 - of the quality of a cement, but when in combination with the results of other tests may afford valuable
第 192 頁 - said if they were ordered to give the custom up they would do so even if the devil got them all. In view of the facts in this case as brought out in the investigation, it is not thought that
第 190 頁 - the god of evil (corresponding perhaps to our devil), and to whom sacrifice is made in order to appease his wrath, which is shown by misfortune, years of drought or evil befalling the tribe or its members;
第 191 頁 - the ground near the place of sacrifice. He was naked but no other preparation was made with regard to his person. Upon a platform or bench of bamboo about 2 feet high and a foot or two
第 191 頁 - handkerchiefs the women laid strips of the bark of the palma tree. Upon this the men laid their bolos, and spears were then stuck in the ground in a circle around the platform. Next,