An Ethnohistorical Dictionary of the Russian and Soviet Empires

James Stuart Olson, Lee Brigance Pappas, Nicholas Charles Pappas, Nicholas C. J. Pappas
Greenwood Press, 1994 - 840 頁

In 1991, the centrifugal forces of ethnic nationalism destroyed the Soviet Union. Religious and ethnic issues will be the defining principles of political life in East Europe, Transcaucasia, and Central Asia for the next decade. Yet when most Americans and Europeans read, for instance, of the Ossetians and Ingush, they have no idea who these peoples are or why they are fighting. This volume will provide a ready reference for students, researchers, and librarians who are trying to sort out the political and social struggles in that part of the world. Focusing on ethnolinguistic groups rather than peoples with purely religious orientations, Olson provides entries on over 450 ethnic groups, with appropriate cross-references. Each entry concludes with references, and the volume includes a selected bibliography of English-language titles. The volume also includes a chronology, several appendixes providing statistical information, and an appendix essay on Islam in Russia and the Soviet Union.

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Appendix A Major Ethnic Groups of the Soviet Union
A Chronology of the Russian and Soviet
Appendir E Major Political Subdivisions of the Soviet
Appendir H Ethnic Composition of the Autonomous
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JAMES S. OLSON is Professor of History at Sam Houston State University. He is the author of many books, including The Indians of Central and South America: An Ethnohistorical Dictionary (Greenwood, 1991) and Dictionary of United States Economic History (Greenwood, 1992).