The Chinese People's Movement: Perspectives on Spring, 1989: Perspectives on Spring, 1989

Routledge, 2019年7月26日 - 224 頁
The pro-democracy demonstrations of April-May 1989 heralded the awakening of public opinion in urban China; the brutal suppression in June revealed a Communist Party leadership severely out of touch with its own society and its aspirations. The contributors to this timely book, a number of whom witnessed the events described, place these dramatic events within the broader context of China's developmental experience. Rather than an instant reaction and description, however, this book grows out of the ongoing research interests and keen onservational skills of the contributors. Therefore it provides as historical, developmental, societal, cultural, and political context for the tragic event in terms of their antecedents, ramifications, and impact on the history of the Chinese People's movement.

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The Beijing Peoples Movement of 1989
THREE The Political Economy Behind Beijing Spring
FOUR Learning How to Protest
The Uncoordinated
SIX The Emergence of Civil Society in China Spring 1989
SEVEN The Changing Role of the Chinese Media
APPENDIX Chronology of the 1989 Student Demonstrations
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