The League of the Iroquois: And Other Legends from the Indian Muse

Donnelley, Gassette & Loyd, 1881 - 319 頁
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第 314 頁 - Our wise Forefathers established Union and Amity between the Five Nations ; this has made us formidable, this has given us great weight and Authority with our Neighboring Nations. " We are a Powerful! confederacy, and by your observing the same Methods our wise Forefathers have taken, you will acquire fresh Strength and Power ; therefore, whatever befalls you, never fall out with one another.
第 316 頁 - My reason teaches me that land cannot be sold. The Great Spirit gave it to his children to live upon, and cultivate, as far as is necessary for their subsistence; and so long as they occupy and cultivate it, they have the right to the soil — but if they voluntarily leave it, then any other people have a right to settle upon it. Nothing can be sold, but such things as can be carried away.
第 i 頁 - They waste us — ay — like April snow In the warm noon, we shrink away ; And fast they follow, as we go Towards the setting day, — Till they shall fill the land, and we Are driven into the western sea.
第 314 頁 - A Mohawk! A Mohawk! upon which they all fled, like sheep before wolves, without attempting to make the least resistance...
第 viii 頁 - European colonisation they stood for nearly two centuries with an unshaken front against the devastations of war, the blighting influence of foreign intercourse, and the still more fatal encroachments of a restless and advancing border population. Under their federal system, the Iroquois flourished in independence...
第 308 頁 - Schoolcraft mentioned to me an instance of a woman, who, in a transport of jealousy, had stabbed her husband. But these extremes are very rare. Some time ago, a young Chippewa girl conceived a violent passion for a hunter of a different tribe, and followed him from his winter hunting-ground to his own village. He was already married, and the wife, not being inclined to admit a rival, drove this love-sick damsel away, and treated her with the utmost indignity. The girl, in desperation, offered herself...
第 300 頁 - It was a striking peculiarity of the ancient religious system of the Iroquois that, once a year, the priesthood supplied the people with sacred fire. For this purpose, a set time was announced for the ruling priest's visit. The entire village was apprized of this visit, and the master of each lodge was expected to be prepared for this annual rite.
第 314 頁 - I have been told by old men in New England, who remembered the time when the Mohawks made war on their Indians, that as soon as a single Mohawk was discovered in the country, their Indians raised a cry from hill to hill, a Mohawk ! a Mohawk!
第 309 頁 - Of the tribes inhabiting North America Morgan says : — "One of the most attractive features of Indian society was the spirit of hospitality by which it was pervaded. Perhaps no people ever carried this principle to the same degree of universality, as did the Iroquois.
第 314 頁 - Of all the Indian social sports the finest and grandest is the ball play. I might call it a noble game, and I am surprised how these savages attained such perfection in it. Nowhere in the world, excepting, perhaps, among the English and some of the Italian races, is the graceful and manly game of ball played so passionately and on so large a scale. They often play village against village, or tribe against tribe. Hundreds of players assemble...