The Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste, 第 30 卷

Luther Tucker, 1875
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第 62 頁 - begs, The pounded yellow of two well-boiled eggs ; Let Onions, atoms lurk within the bowl, And, scarce suspected, animate the whole ; And, lastly, in the flavored compound toss, A magic spoonful of Anchovy Sauce, Oh. great and glorious ! Oh, herbaceous meat
第 302 頁 - occupy. We have but just seen the dawning light of our science, which is yet to illumine this great Western world. True, we have planted our ensign in almost every section of the country, we have stationed our pioneers from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Lakes to the Gulf, and have gathered into our fold the most experienced and enterprising cultivators of
第 17 頁 - the Lord shall utterly destroy the tongue of the Egyptian sea," " and there shall be an highway for the remnant of his people.
第 52 頁 - Land has also in its legal signification an indefinite extent upwards as well as downwards. * * * It includes, not only the face of the earth, but every thing under it or over it,
第 188 頁 - cherries, when ripe, is gathered by the respective proprietors of the land on which it grows ; and when these are anxious to preserve the fruit of any particular tree, it is, as it were, tabooed ; that is, a wisp of straw is tied in a conspicuous part to one of the branches, as vines by the road-side
第 163 頁 - by it. Other flowers, on the contrary, open in the evening. Now, it is obvious that flowers which are fertilized by night-flying insects would derive no advantage from being open by day, and, on the other hand, that those which are fertilized by bees would gain nothing by being open at night ; nay, it would be a
第 46 頁 - districts where formerly straw roofs resisted the force of the winds, tiles are now hardly sufficient ; in others, where tiles answered for roofs, large slabs of stone are now ineffectual, and in many neighboring communes the grapes and the grain are swept off by the blasts of the south and south-west.
第 46 頁 - The supposed forest is but a system of regular rows of trees, the oldest of which is not forty years of age. These plantations have ameliorated the climate, which had doomed to sterility the soil where they are planted,
第 188 頁 - in France, when the grapes are ripe, are protected by sprinkling a plant here and there with a mixture of lime and water, which marks the leaves with conspicuous white blotches. Every one who has travelled on the Continent in
第 46 頁 - the Apennines, the sirocco prevails greatly on the right bank of the Po, in the Parmesan territory and in a part of Lombardy ; it injures the harvests and the vineyards, and sometimes ruins the crops of the season. To the same cause many ascribe the meteorological changes in the precincts of Modena and