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Born in Shanghai November 15, 1930, James Graham Ballard
spent several formative years in a Japanese concentration camp before settling
in England in 1946. After RAF flight training and medical studies with the aim
of becoming a psychoanalyst, Ballard concentrated on inventing the genre of
Speculative Fiction, charting the myths and psychopathologies of the near
future. His autobiographical novel Empire of the Sun was made into a
feature film by Steven Spielberg; David Cronenberg filmed his techno-noir-sex
classic CRASH.

To date Ballard has written 17 prophetic/poetic novels; in
his newest, Millennium People (2003), random acts of terrorism
dynamically unsettle London, England. The Complete Short Stories of J.G.
recently released, is almost 1200 pages and an instant classic.

J.G. Ballard has been featured in Search
& Destroy #10,
the RE/Search #1-2-3 tabloids, RE/Search #8/9:
J.G. Ballard,
and the RE/Search illustrated edition of The Atrocity
RE/Search is proud to have published J.G. BALLARD QUOTES;
and J.G. BALLARD CONVERSATIONS, featuring interviews conducted by MARK
PAULINE (Survival Research Laboratories) and GRAEME REVELL (SPK; composer).

讀者評論 - 撰寫評論


關於作者 (2004)

Born in Shanghai November 15, 1930, James Graham Ballard
spent the first 15 years of his life in China. Interned in a Japanese camp
during World War II, he was repatriated to England at the age of sixteen. After
studying medicine at Cambridge, he sold his first "speculative fiction" story
to New Worlds in 1956 and began writing a series of planetary disaster
novels, ultimately focusing on the inner landscape in psychopathological
classics such as Crash and High-Rise. In 1987 Steven Spielberg
made a movie of his best-selling autobiographical work, Empire of the Sun.
For the past 30 years J.G. Ballard has lived in Shepperton, England, home of
the famous film studios. {J.G. Ballard died April 19, 2009 in London, U.K.]